CardioScripts Classic – Antiplatelets in ACS [Part 1]

0:00-0:27: Intro 0:28-1:04: Welcome back and Introduction of Dr. Dunn 1:05-6:18 Foundation of antiplatelet therapy with aspirin in ISIS-2 trail and VA Cooperative Study.  What is up with that subgroup analysis? 6:19-10:39: Percutaneous intervention joins conversation develops and STARS trial compares Aspirin alone, aspirin + warfarin, aspirin + ticagrelor in the setting of stenting. 10:40-13:57:Continue reading “CardioScripts Classic – Antiplatelets in ACS [Part 1]”

DOACs and LV Thrombus Management

0:00-0:42: Intro 0:43-1:53: Introduction of Dr. Kazuhiko Kido 1:54-6:02: Trial Overview 6:03-9:09: Previous Data for LV Thrombus Management 9:10-10:10: Overall Thoughts 10:11-12:44: Trial Limitations 12:45-15:01: Background Medications and LV Thrombus secondary to ischemic cardiomyopathy vs. non-ischemic cardiomyopathy 15:02-19:08: LV thrombus anticoagulation management in patients 19:09-19:54: Closing References: Robinson AA, Trankle CR, Eubanks G, et al.Continue reading “DOACs and LV Thrombus Management”

CardioScripts Classics – Vasodilators in HFrEF [Part 2]

0:00-0:43: Intro 0:44-1:04: Welcome back of Dr. Robert Page and Recap of Part 1 1:05-3:09: Discussion of ARB trials in HFrEF from highlighting ELITE I and II 3:10-7:42: What we learned from Val-HeFT and CHARM-ADDED 7:43-11:13: Angioedema approach, lessons from CHARM-ALTERNATIVE and HTN trials 11:14-14:10: PARADIGM-HF a shift in vasodilator therapy for HFrEF 14:11-16:48: DoseContinue reading “CardioScripts Classics – Vasodilators in HFrEF [Part 2]”

CardioScipts Classic – Vasodilators in HFrEF [Part 1]

Dr. Robert Page and CardioScripts co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay, take a deep dive into classic literature pertaining to use of vasodilators in HFrEF. 0:00-0:47: Intro 0:41-1:23: Introduction of Dr. Robert Page 1:23-2:16: Intro of the Classic Episode Format 2:17-6:48: Foundation of HFrEF pharmacotherapy prior to 1986 and discussion of the V-HeFT I trial 6:48-9:12: CONSENSUSContinue reading “CardioScipts Classic – Vasodilators in HFrEF [Part 1]”

To be[ta-block], or not to be[ta-block]? How long is long the question.

Dr. Kristin Watson discusses the use of beta-blockers post-MI in patients without heart failure. 0:00-0:40: Intro 0:41-1:18: Introduction of Dr. Kristin Watson 1:19-6:40: Trial overview 6:41-10:46: Background of beta-blocker use post-MI 10:47-12:36: Kristin’s overall thoughts 12:37-14:49: Types of beta-blockers used 14:50-16:06: Final thoughts 16:07-16:49: Closing References: Kim J, Kang D, Park H, et al. Long-termContinue reading “To be[ta-block], or not to be[ta-block]? How long is long the question.”

VOYAGER PAD: Live Long and Rivaroxaban

Dr. Jessica Carey discusses the VOYAGER PAD trial and antithrombotic management in PAD patients post-revascularization. 0:00-0:40: Intro 0:41-1:46: Introduction of Dr. Jessica Carey 1:47-5:52: VOYAGER PAD Overview 5:53-9:10: Previous management of PAD 9:11-11:18: PAD Interventions 11:19-13:49: Overall thoughts about VOYAGER PAD 13:50-15:19: Antithrombotic management of PAD 15:19-16:01: Closing References: VOYAGER PAD: Bonaca MP, Bauersachs RM,Continue reading “VOYAGER PAD: Live Long and Rivaroxaban”

The Caravaggio Trial: Painting DOACs into the Picture

Guest Dr. Paul Dobesh discusses the Caravaggio trial and DOAC use for VTE management in patients with cancer. 0:00-0:40: Intro0:41-1:35: Introduction of Dr. Paul Dobesh1:36-4:02: Caravaggio trial overview 4:03-7:08: Background of VTE antithrombotic management in cancer 7:09-9:09: Overall thoughts and where apixaban fits9:10-10:42: ADAM-VTE Trial10:43-13:36: Bleeding13:37-14:37: PROBE trial design14:38-15:47: Approach the VTE antithrombotic management inContinue reading “The Caravaggio Trial: Painting DOACs into the Picture”

Popular, I know about POPular TAVI

0:00-0:40: Intro 0:41-1:25: Introduction of Dr. John Lindsley 1:26-5:57: POPular TAVI trial overview 5:58-8:35: Background of TAVI antithrombotic management 8:36-10-43: Intial thoughts about POPular TAVI 10:44-14:53: Study design 14:54- 17:22: Antithrombotic management 17:23-18:06: Closing References POPular TAVI Trial: Nijenhuis VJ, Brouwer J, Delewi R, et al.  Anticoagulation with or without Clopidogrel after Transcatheter Aortic-Valve Implantation.Continue reading “Popular, I know about POPular TAVI”

GUIDE-IT Guidance with Dr. Groo

Dr. Vicki Groo discusses the GUIDE-IT trial and medication titration in the heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) population. 0:00-0:40: Intro 0:40-1:27: Introduction of Dr. Vicki Groo 1:28-4:55: Introduction of GUIDE-IT trial and secondary analysis 4:56-7:56: Vicki’s Overall Thoughts 7:57-9:07: Approach to medication titration 9:08-10:31: What about newer HFrEF therapies? 10:32-12:09: Patient Education 12:10-14:07:Continue reading “GUIDE-IT Guidance with Dr. Groo”


Dr. Kristen Pogue discusses the VICTORIA trial. Episode Breakdown: 0:00-0:40: Intro 0:41-1:36: Introduction of Dr. Kristen Pogue 1:37-5:42: VICTORIA trial overview 5:43-8:18: Kristen’s initial thoughts 8:19-9:44: VICTORIA and PARADIGM-HF 9:45-12:17: How does this fit with DAPA-HF results? 12:18-14:14: Vericiguat in the Black population 14:15-15:45: Final thoughts 15:46-16:32: Closing References: VICTORIA Trial: Armstrong PW, Pieske B,Continue reading “The VICTORIA Trial”