Dr. Steve Antoine discusses the STRONG-HF trial with co-host, Dr. Liz Wang. 0:00-2:37: Introduction 2:38-7:54: STRONG-HF trial overview 7:55-11:44: Overall thoughts 11:45-13:45: Baseline therapies 13:46-19:59: Discussion of titration and follow up in the trial 20:00-21:22: Ejection fraction considerations 21:23-23:22: Final thoughts 23:23-23:58: Closing References: STRONG-HF Mebazaa A, Davison B, Chioncel O, et al. Safety, tolerabilityContinue reading “The STRONG-HF Trial”


Dr. Sara Ward discusses the SECURE trial with co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay 0:00-1:08: Introduction 1:09-3:40: SECURE trial overview 3:41-7:55: History of polypill and overall trial considerations 7:56-11:36: Polypill formulation and titration 11:37-14:04: Antiplatelet therapy in SECURE discussion 14:05-18:06: Polypill use in the US 18:07-19:29: Final thoughts 19:30-20:00: Closing References:  SECURE Castellano JM, Pocock SJ, BhattContinue reading “The SECURE TRIAL”

The CHAP Trial

Dr. Noelle Leung discusses the CHAP trial with co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay. 0:00-0:55: Introduction 0:56-4:32: CHAP trial overview 4:33-17:40: Overall thoughts and discussion  17:41-19:55: Collaboration in patient care 19:56-23:38: Use of aspirin  23:39-24:37: Final thoughts 24:38-25:12: Closing References: CHAP Tita AT, Szychowski JM, Boggess K, et al. Treatment for Mild Chronic Hypertension during Pregnancy. N EnglContinue reading “The CHAP Trial”


Dr. Tomasz Jurga discusses the DELIVER trial with co-host, Dr. Liz Wang. 0:00-2:10: Introduction 2:11-6:05: DELIVER trial overview 6:06-12:51: History of HFpEF treatment  12:52-24:18: DELIVER overall thoughts 24:19-25:18: Timing of initiation 25:19-29:26: SGLT2 inhibitor place in HFpEF therapy  29:27-32:59: Considerations for adverse effects and monitoring 33:00-35:15: Final thoughts 35:16-35:54: Closing References: DELIVER Solomon SD, McMurrayContinue reading “The DELIVER Trial”

The ADVOR Trial

Dr. Zac Cox discusses the ADVOR trial with co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay. 0:00-0:55: Introduction 0:56-4:58: ADVOR trial overview 4:59-06:51: Overall thoughts 06:52-09:39: The exclusion of SGLT2 inhibitor use 09:40-10:57: Baseline medical therapy 10:58-16:00: Congestion score 16:01-28:45: Sample size and other considerations for application 28:46-31:13: Final thoughts and Acetazolamide Trivia!  31:14-31:55: Closing References: ADVOR Mullens W,Continue reading “The ADVOR Trial”


Dr. Paul Dobesh discusses the MICHELLE trial with co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay. 0:00-1:00: Introduction 1:01-4:14: MICHELLE trial overview 4:15-11:10: Risk stratification and current recommendations for thromboprophylaxis 11:11-19:43: Thoughts on the MICHELLE trial and application to current practice 19:44-23:00: Future directions 23:01-24:03: Closing References: MICHELLE Ramacciotti E, Barile Agati L, Calderaro D, et al. Rivaroxaban versusContinue reading “The MICHELLE Trial”

The Cardiovascular Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity

Dr. Mary Blanton Covell discusses the cardiovascular benefits of exercise and physical activity with co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay. 0:00-1:07: Introduction 1:08-5:05: Background 5:06-15:45: Patient Education and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Programs  15:46-22:30: What type of exercise is best? 22:31-24:20: Overall Thoughts 24:21-25:05: Closing References: Netherlands Cardiac Rehab Trial: Eijsvogels TMH, Maessen MFH, Bakker EA, et al.Continue reading “The Cardiovascular Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity”

The SSaSS Trial

Dr. Mary Blanton Covell discusses the SSaSS Trial with co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay. 0:00-1:24: Introduction 1:25-5:00: SSaSS Trial Overview 5:01-8:50: Thoughts on the SSaSS Trial 8:51-9:55: Application to Clinical Practice 9:56-11:46: Recent FDA Guidance on Industry Sodium Content 11:47-22:15: Other Dietary Recommendations 22:16 – 23:21: Closing References: SSaSS Trial:¬†Neal B, Tian M, Li N, etContinue reading “The SSaSS Trial”

CardioScripts Classic – Hypertension [Part 2]

Part 2 of the CardioScripts Classics episode on hypertension with Drs. Tracy Macaulay and Liz Wang. 0:00-1:07: Introduction 1:08-5:23: SPRINT Trial 5:23-9:14: Elderly patients with hypertension 9:15-17:50: Hypertension management in Black patients 17:51-21:57: Hypertension nuances 21:58-23:30: Closing References: SPRINT Trial: The SPRINT Research Group. A Randomized Trial of Intensive versus Standard Blood-Pressure Control. N EnglContinue reading “CardioScripts Classic – Hypertension [Part 2]”