CardioScripts Classic – Antiplatelets in ACS [Part 1]

0:00-0:27: Intro

0:28-1:04: Welcome back and Introduction of Dr. Dunn

1:05-6:18 Foundation of antiplatelet therapy with aspirin in ISIS-2 trail and VA Cooperative Study.  What is up with that subgroup analysis?

6:19-10:39: Percutaneous intervention joins conversation develops and STARS trial compares Aspirin alone, aspirin + warfarin, aspirin + ticagrelor in the setting of stenting.

10:40-13:57: The twelve-month duration and DAPT is established as standard of care in ACS with CURE and PCI-CURE.

13:58-23:37: More potent P2Y12 inhibitors evolve DAPT approach with TRITON (prasugrel), PLATO (ticagrelor).  But what are their niches (TRILOGY-ACS).

23:38-24:24: Episode 1 closing


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