Been there, done that: Expert advice from parting RPDs (Part 1)

In the first of two episodes, Drs. Rob DiDomenico and Kerry Pickworth provide their expertise about Midyear for prospective PGY2 Cardiology residency candidates.  0:00-0:40: Intro0:41-2:22: Introduction of Drs. Rob DiDomenico and Kerry Pickworth2:23-3:17: Overview of PGY2 Cardiology Pharmacy Resident Training Opinion Paper3:18-4:56: Rob and Kerry’s Overall Thoughts4:57-9:08: Midyear Advice/What are you looking for in aContinue reading “Been there, done that: Expert advice from parting RPDs (Part 1)”

Episode 3: How sweet it is to be an SGLT2 Inhibitor

0:00-0:46: Intro0:47-1:20: Introduction of Dr. Ted Berei1:21-2:57: DAPA-HF Overview2:58-6:12: Ted’s Overall Thoughts6:13-7:24: DAPA-HF Patient Population7:25-9:15: Sacubitril/valsartan or Dapagliflozin First?9:16-10:47: Considerations Prior to Starting SGLT2 Inhibitors10:48-12:19: SGLT2 Inhibitors and Cost12:20-14:43: Final Thoughts14:44-15:42: Closing/Introduction to Finn References:  DAPA-HF: McMurray JJ, Solomon SD, Inzucchi SE, et al. Dapagliflozin in Patients with Heart Failure and Reduced Ejection Fraction. N Engl JContinue reading “Episode 3: How sweet it is to be an SGLT2 Inhibitor”

Episode 2: REACT(5)ion from Steve Dunn

In this episode, we review the ISAR-REACT 5 trial and hear Dr. Steve Dunn’s thoughts about how this trial fits into P2Y12 management in patients with acute coronary syndromes.  Episode:0:00-0:40: Intro0:41-1:23: Introduction of Dr. Steve Dunn1:24-3:42: ISAR-REACT 5 Overview3:43-6:28: Steve’s Overall Thoughts6:29-7:59: Context of ISAR-REACT 58:00-9:34: Study Funding9:35-11:25: Study Discontinuation Rate11:26-12:50: Secondary Safety Outcomes12:51-15:51: FinalContinue reading “Episode 2: REACT(5)ion from Steve Dunn”

CardioScripts Upcoming Podcast Episodes

REACT(5)ion from Steve Dunn: Feeling conflicted about which P2Y12 inhibitor to use since ISAR-REACT 5 was released? Listen to Steve’s REACT(5)ion here first! How sweet it is to be an SGLT2 Inhibitor: Listen to Dr. Ted Berei’s thoughts about dapagliflozin use in patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction. Entering the TWILIGHT Zone: InContinue reading “CardioScripts Upcoming Podcast Episodes”

Episode 1: Heart on AFIRE, Strong Desire to Stop Aspirin

In this episode, we interview Dr. Tracy Macaulay about the AFIRE trial and hear her thoughts on the role of aspirin in patients with atrial fibrillation and stable coronary disease.  Episode:0:00-1:38: Intro1:39-2:35: Introduction of Dr. Tracy Macaulay2:36-5:19: AFIRE Trial Overview5:20-7:14: Initial Thoughts7:15-10:07: AFIRE Population and Rivaroxaban Dosing10:08-11:06: Dropping Aspirin11:07-12:11: What about other anticoagulants?12:12-13:38: Final Thoughts13:39-14:50:Continue reading “Episode 1: Heart on AFIRE, Strong Desire to Stop Aspirin”