CardioScripts Classic – Antiplatelets in ACS [Part 2]

0:00-0:58: Intro

0:59-4:47: 1-year after ISAR-REACT 5, does prasugrel reign supreme?

4:48-7:32: Dr. Dunn and Dr. Macaulay dive into the confusing world of DAPT duration.  Who should get shorter and who get longer, based on DAPT trial, PEGASUS, TWILIGHT, TICO, and more. 

7:33-10:46: When de-escalation is indicated, should it be aspirin or P2Y12 inhibitor that goes away?  Remember CAPRIE?

10:47-13:56: ESC meeting and presentation of 2020 Guidelines for NSTE ACS recommend prasugrel, 12-months for most (but lots of wiggle room), and no upfront treatment with P2Y12. 

13:57-15:41: Pre-treatment with P2Y12 inhibitors or not?  Where is the data for what has become widespread practice.

15:42-20:08: A review of switching between P2Y12 inhibitors.  And defining a role for improved pharmacy continuity between inpatient, ambulatory and community pharmacists.

20:09-20:52: Closing 


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