CardioScipts Classic – Vasodilators in HFrEF [Part 1]

Dr. Robert Page and CardioScripts co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay, take a deep dive into classic literature pertaining to use of vasodilators in HFrEF.

0:00-0:47: Intro

0:41-1:23: Introduction of Dr. Robert Page

1:23-2:16: Intro of the Classic Episode Format

2:17-6:48: Foundation of HFrEF pharmacotherapy prior to 1986 and discussion of the V-HeFT I trial

6:48-9:12: CONSENSUS Trial and introduction of ACE-I as gold standard afterload reducer in HFrEF

9:12-12:34: V-HeFT II trial discussion.  A comparison of Hydralazine/Nitrate to Enalapril, solidification of ACE-I role.

12:34-13:46: Using other forms of nitrate in combination with hydralazine for HFrEF

13:47-20:28: Role of hydralazine/nitrate for African American patients with HFrEF withh discussion of A-HeFT trial

20:29-21:08: We ran out of time to cover ALL our conversation, so join us next time for Episode 2 with Dr. Page discussing vasodilators in HFrEF! 


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