Digging into Dig[oxin]

Dr. Robert DiDomenico and CardioScripts co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay, discuss the RATE AF trial and all things digoxin: its past role, therapeutic levels, and current and future state!

0:00-0:32 Intro

0:28-1:02: Welcome back and Introduction of Dr. DiDomenico

1:03-4:33: Overview of the RATE-AF trial as presented at ESC 2020 and based on published trial rationale.

4:34-6:40: How did RATE AF confirm or add to our understanding of digoxin use in Atrial Fibrillation

6:41-9:36:  If we use digoxin, what levels are you targeting and what goals are you setting?

9:37-11:50: Digoxin in HFpEF patients

11:51-16:26: Digoxin and Mortality

16:27-17:28: Final thoughts

17:29-18:04: Closing


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