GUIDE-IT Guidance with Dr. Groo

Dr. Vicki Groo discusses the GUIDE-IT trial and medication titration in the heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) population.

0:00-0:40: Intro

0:40-1:27: Introduction of Dr. Vicki Groo

1:28-4:55: Introduction of GUIDE-IT trial and secondary analysis

4:56-7:56: Vicki’s Overall Thoughts

7:57-9:07: Approach to medication titration

9:08-10:31: What about newer HFrEF therapies?

10:32-12:09: Patient Education

12:10-14:07: Thoughts about reasoning for not uptitrating/adding HFrEF medications

14:08-14:37: HFrEF and Pharmacy Services

14:38-14:56: Final Thoughts

14:57-15:33: Closing


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