Dr. Stephanie Dwyer Kaluzna and CardioScripts co-host, Dr. Tracy Macaulay, discuss the PARADISE-MI trial.  0:00-0:25: Introduction  0:26-1:19: Introduction of Dr. Stephanie Dwyer Kaluzna 1:20-6:14: PARADISE-MI Overview  6:15-7:56: Overall Thoughts  7:57-10:28:¬†Use of ACE-I/ARB in MI 10:30-13:43: Background Therapy Considerations  13:44-18:08: Applicability and Feasibility of Use 18:09-19:24: Final Thoughts  19:25-20:02: Closing  References:  PARADISE-MI Trial: Design and baseline characteristics: Jering KS, Claggett B,Continue reading “The PARADISE-MI Trial”

CardioScripts Trailer

Feel like something’s missing? Looking for a way to keep up-to-date with cardiology literature? Then you are listening to the right podcast! CardioScripts is a cardiology pharmacy podcast intended to help keep you up-to-date in a fun, engaging, and efficient manner. Join hosts Tracy Macaulay and Liz Sulaica as they interview cardiology pharmacy experts acrossContinue reading “CardioScripts Trailer”